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Welcome to the Engineering Edge Directory

Follow the links to Unique Engineering Solutions from LM76!

Water Dog Sliders from LM76 are FDA/USDA/3-A Dairy Compliant!  added 3/15/2018

FDA Compliant Linear Bearings and ETX Scrapers!   added 3/19/2018

Application – Linear Slide for Trunnion Grinder in Oil Fields!   added 3/21/2018

“New Design” Pillow Blocks from LM76!   added 3/22/2018

Application – Whisper Slides (WSP 3) Honey Harvesting!   added 3/27/2018

High Speed Linear Motion – Sleeve Style Linear Bearings   added 4/24/2018

ETX Unitized Pillow Blocks Are FDA Compliant   added 5/10/2018

FDA/USDA/3A-Dairy Compliant METRIC Self-Lubricating Linear Bearings   added 5/14/2018

Black Racer Ceramic Linear Bearings Thrive in the Open Sea!   added 5/17/2018

Get Custom FDA Compliant Linear Bearings for Your Application!   added 5/21/2018

Got a special machined-to-print linear shaft…call LM76. Oh, we have all the standard stuff too!   added 5/31/2018

Think Outside-the-Box for Solution to Off-Road Problem!    added 7/17/2018

How Do You Move Articles of Antiquity? Very Carefully!!   added 8/21/2018

How Would You Position Components of an Experimental Reactor Vessel Weighing 33 Tons?   added 8/28/2018

What Linear Bearings Have the Lowest Coefficient of Friction?   added 8/28/2018

What’s the Difference? Black Racer Linear Bearings   added 9/24/2018

How to Load – Jet Rail Roller Blocks   added 10/7/2018

ETX Pillow Block/Bearings – For Radioactive Environments!   added 10/17/2018

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